We have cosmetic surgery financing available for your facelift surgery through CareCredit. You will have to qualify for the financing, and there are fees and interest associated with the financing. 

  You may pay the facelift cost by credit card and we accept Visa, Amex and Mastercard. 

  You may also pay by personal check at least 10 days in advance of your facelift surgery, or by cashier check 3 days in advance of your facelift.

Here are some comments actual patients wrote on the patient satisfaction questionnaire given to patients on discharge after their surgery.

The question is: What did you like the most about the Newport Center for Special Surgery?

"All the people that work there-Wonderful people"

"The staff was efficient, caring and professional."

"Great people-would use this facility again"

"The experience of the doctor and staff"

"Awesome staff and respectful"

"Friendliness of the staff made me feel comfortable"

"Everyone created a fun, whimsical / professional atmosphere. Thank you so much"

"Personal attention and explanations"

Your Newport Beach facial surgeon will be a leading board certified surgeon, with over 25 years of facelift experience and awards. Likewise if you prefer to be under general anesthesia for your facelift, your anesthesiologist will be an experienced and award winning board certified anesthesiology Doctor. All staff physicians are trained at top American colleges, American medical schools and American residency programs. 

Expert Facelift Surgeons in Newport Beach, CA

Special Offer Expiring February 14, 2018:  Total Mini Facelift Cost, Including Local Anesthesia and Surgicenter fees $4995

Welcome to Newport Center for Special Surgery in Newport Beach, CA. Our surgicenter features expert facelift surgeons in Newport Beach, California in a limited offer for affordable facelift surgery. This facelift offer will vary from month to month based on surgery schedule and manufacturer's cost of supplies.  We can do this because facelift surgery has been our specialty since 1996. When you do so many facelifts, you get good at it. Our Enhanced Recovery after Facelift Surgery protocol helps minimize your recovery time. When you do good work, people notice. Our patients tell their friends about their great facelift surgery results and about the low cost facelift procedure, and they tell friends. So we don't need to spend thousands on gimmicks or advertising. Because we are a facelift surgery center, our facelift cost is lower. Our patient care quality and low cost facelift bring in women not only from here in Orange County, but from all over Southern California and Las Vegas for our beautiful facelift surgery results.

      Remember, facelift cost or mini facelift as quoted above includes local anesthesia,  surgeon, and surgicenter fees. 

Schedule your consult with on of our expert facelift surgeons in Newport Beach today, before these low prices expire. 

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